What Were Some Vintage Hand Tools Used for Woodworking?


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Vintage woodworking tools include planes, drawknives, adzes and floats. Although power tools make projects easier for modern woodworkers, some vintage hand tools are still in use.

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Planes are woodworking tools that remove a small layer of wood each time the tool is pushed across the surface. Planes have largely been replaced by jointers, which take only seconds to remove a layer compared to the hour it takes a plane. Woodworkers still use planes in rare situations when using a jointer is difficult or impossible. Specialized planes used to cut moulding are almost never used in modern woodworking. Routers and specialized tools used solely for cutting moulding now perform the same tasks done by moulding planes in the past.

The drawknife is another once-common woodworking hand tool that has fallen out of use. The drawknife is a large blade with a handle on either side. The handles extend at right angles to the blade. The woodworker uses the drawknife by holding the handles with the sharpened edge of the blade facing his body. He then draws the tool over a piece of wood, slowly removing shavings. Once used to remove bark from logs, ready rough boards for planing or prepare square planks for turning on a lathe, drawknives have all but disappeared from modern woodworking.

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