What Were Some Popular Kitchen Colors in 2015?


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The most popular kitchen colors in 2015 were purple, grey, blue, white and black. Also equally popular were green, yellow, red, ivory and orange. Bold colors were the trend for kitchens in 2015.

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Purple and violets were the most popular kitchen colors in 2015 as they looked stunning in any setting and gave the kitchen visual richness instantly. Purple cabinets were paired with a cool neutral shade to give out an alluring effect. Grey was another popular color for kitchens as deep, warm grey added sophistication and style with ease. Grey cabinets with textured finishes and hip patterns gave out a minimal, but sleek look.

Various shades of blue were equally popular as they uplifted the ambiance of the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets in teal, turquoise, navy, cyan and robin’s egg made a trend for coastal or nautical look in the kitchen. White was another favorite color as it was a perfect backdrop to accent any color in the kitchen. White kitchen shelves or white cabinets with any other backsplash accentuated the appeal in the cooking area.

Black was another trendy color to accent a contemporary kitchen with well-defined lines and glossy, lacquered surfaces. Black and white shelves were a classic design choice in 2015. Black was also coupled with dashing red for a prominent and bold look.

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