What Are Some Well-Reviewed Microwave Stands With Cabinets?

What Are Some Well-Reviewed Microwave Stands With Cabinets?

Amazon.com customers rated the Catskill Craftsmen microwave cart 4.6 out of five stars and the Hodedah microwave cart 3.8 out of five stars. The Savannah kitchen cart cabinet and South Shore Fiesta microwave cart with storage received 3.8 and 4.1 out of five stars, respectively, from Wal-Mart reviewers.

The Catskill Craftsmen microwave cart features an enclosed cabinet, drawer and open storage space. As of 2015, the piece received nine reviews, and all of them were four stars or above. Reviewers praise the sturdiness and storage space of the unit but warn that assembly may be a challenge.

The Hodedah microwave cart received 28 reviews with 39 percent of reviewers rating the cart five stars and 21 percent of reviewers giving a rating of four stars. The cart features a drawer and enclosed cabinet. Positive reviews include low price, nice appearance and excellent customer service. Negative reviews include broken and missing parts and complicated assembly.

The Kitchen Cart Cabinet by Savannah has one large drawer and a double-doored cabinet with two shelves. Reviewers both praise the cart for easy assembly and warn of difficult assembly. Other positives include attractive design and affordable price. Negatives include cheap design and broken parts.

The South Shore Fiesta microwave cart has one enclosed cabinet and three open shelves. Reviewers say that the stand is great for large microwaves and held more than expected but warn that the shipping packaging is substandard.