What Are Some Well-Reviewed Direct-Vent Gas Fireplaces?


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Direct-vent gas fireplaces available on Amazon.com with five-star customer ratings include the Deluxe 36-inch Direct-Vent NG Millivolt and the Premium 36-inch Direct-Vent See-Through Fireplace, both manufactured by Empire Comfort Systems. Empire recommends that the fireplaces be installed by a licensed dealer, for safety reasons.

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Direct-vent fireplaces are considered a more efficient and safer alternative to traditional gas fireplaces. They do not require a flue and utilize outdoor air, instead of indoor air, for combustion; this minimizes the risk of backdrafts and preserves the air quality inside the home. More fuel is converted to heat energy and less of it is lost in a direct-vent fireplace, as a glass door helps to retain the heat inside the unit. They can also be placed anywhere in a home, and the pipes can be installed in the wall, making them more versatile than traditional units.

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