What Is a Well-Reviewed Brand That Makes 30-Gallon Containers?

Sterilite is a company that offers 30-gallon containers as part of its product line, and is generally well-reviewed on a number of commercial and retail websites. These containers come in a variety of colors and configurations that can facilitate storage in a number of situations.

The Sterilite company was founded in 1939 and manufactures a number of storage products of all shapes and sizes. Sterilite products are generally well-received by consumers, as evidenced by reviews on retail websites such as Walmart.com and HomeDepot.com. Average reviews for these products range between four and five stars on such websites, as of 2015, and the proportion of positive comments far exceed the number of complaints. In addition to providing a highly regarded product, the company has also taken strides to give back to the community, donating a public library and senior center to the town of Townsend, which serves as its base of operations. Sterilite continues to provide support resources to the community, helping to increase the overall perception of the company.