What Are Some Well-Reviewed Bathroom Faucets?

What Are Some Well-Reviewed Bathroom Faucets?

KES' L3109A, Pfister's Jaida and Premiere Faucet's Waterfront are well-reviewed bathroom faucets, according to Amazon.com, as of 2015. Both Delta's Peerless and Lahara bathroom faucets are also highly rated. All of these bathroom faucets are certified by WaterSense, as they help conserve water and reduce consumers' water bills.

KES' L3109A is a single-handle waterfall faucet. It has a quality brass construction, with a sleek chrome finish that is scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant and tarnish-resistant. The KES L3109A 's ceramic disc cartridge provides a smooth, long-lasting, drip-free operation.

Pfister's Jaida is a single-control, center set faucet that comes with a brushed nickel, chrome or bronze finish. Its ceramic disc valve technology prevents leaks and reduces water consumption by 30 percent.

Premiere Faucet's Waterfront is a two-handle faucet that has a brushed nickel finish. It features a lead-free waterway, a metal-infused polymer shell and operates without the need of a washer. Its water-efficient flow rate saves water without compromising the faucet's performance.

Delta's Peerless is a classic singe-handle faucet that features a chrome finish. Lahara is a two-handle faucet, which also has a chrome finish. Both feature Delta's patented diamond-coated disc, which creates less friction to ensure that the faucets' performance does not diminish with repeated usage. Their one-piece supply line prevents leaks.