What Are Some Well-Rated Linoleum Flooring Options?

Forbo's Marmoleum flooring receives high ratings from Amazon customers. Another option is Marmorette Pop Rocket flooring manufactured by Armstrong, which is well reviewed online. As of September 2015, Forbo and Armstrong are the two manufacturers of linoleum flooring available in the United States.

Linoleum flooring is made from all natural ingredients as opposed to the chlorinated petrochemicals used to make vinyl. Many Amazon customers compliment Forbo's click panel linoleum for its beautiful, versatile color selection and eas of installation. One Amazon reviewer states that there is no smell during installation, which occurred while the customer was pregnant. This customer appreciates that the linoleum flooring is fully biodegradable as well.

Another Amazon customer provides high ratings of Forbo's natural sheet linoleum flooring. This customer describes the color palette as amazing. Another customer gives good ratings to Forbo's linoleum panel. This customer notes that adhesives are not required for installation.

The Marmorette Pop Rocket option available from Armstrong receives high ratings because it is stylish and makes a design statement in the space. One customer reviewer gives high ratings for its value and states that it blends well with hardwood floors. This customer recommends waxing the floor every six months for maintenance.