What Are Some Well-Known Small Home Builders?

What Are Some Well-Known Small Home Builders?

Some well-known small home builders include Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, Alchemy Architects, Metroship, Rocio Romero and Little House on the Trailer. Other companies that build small homes include Tiny Texas House and Pacific Yurts, notes Apartment Therapy.

The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company has experience in designing small houses that are ideal for holiday or weekend getaways. The houses are designed with security and beauty in mind. Prices for these homes vary depending on design and features included. The cheapest house from this company goes for about $38,000, as of 2015.

Alchemy Architects is a company that is well known for building small houses. The company often includes environmentally friendly energy options when building. This company engages in various service provisions including new house building, remodeling, renovations and design consultation. Individuals can get in touch with the company by visiting its official website.

Metroship is another well-known company that provides customers with small house building services. This company is experienced in designing houses that float on water. The houses are most commonly referred to as the Metroship Houseboat. A prefab luxury house from this company sells at a base price of $239,000, states Apartment Therapy.

Rocio Romero provides customers with flat-packed houses that can be erected within a few months.