What Are Some Well-Known Dome Building Kits?

What Are Some Well-Known Dome Building Kits?

EconOdome, American Ingenuity and Timberline Manufacturing are well-known makers of dome building kits. These unique constructions are safer than conventional buildings and are more economical to maintain, as the manufacturers claim. They are frequently used as retiree and vacation homes.

In business since 1982, EconOdome produces precision-cut kits for homes with 10 equal sides. They are made to be safer in earthquakes, hurricanes and other storms and are both sturdy and aerodynamic, as the company advertises. The two-story homes contain one to four bedrooms.

American Ingenuity manufactures Geodesic dome kits with a fire-resistant concrete exterior that is made to withstand winds of up to 225 miles per hour. Designed for residential and commercial use, these homes can cut heating and cooling costs by 50 to 60 percent, claims the company.

Timberline Manufacturing kits use the company's patented Steel-Star Connector system to ensure precise construction of these dome homes. The kit utilizes color-coded lumber that is already cut and drilled.

Timberline homes exist in every state and in multiple foreign countries.