How Do You Weigh a Garage Door?


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To weigh a garage door, the door opener is first removed, then a scale is positioned under the door and a weight reading is taken. An analog or commercial scale is most reliable for obtaining a weight measurement for a garage door.

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The opener arm of the garage door must be removed to obtain an accurate weight. It is not sufficient to disengage the trolley from the drawbar carriage, as the outer carriage can catch on the inner carriage and produce an inaccurate reading.

Before obtaining the door’s weight reading, a scale with a board on it is positioned in front of the center of the garage door, and then the shaft can be pulled down with a large pipe wrench. This causes the door to lift and the scale can then be slid under the door. The door can now be lowered onto the scale and the weight reading taken. If one or both of the garage door springs are broken, shake the door to ensure that it is freed from the tracks before reading the door’s weight.

A garage door weighing more than 150 pounds with one spring still wound may require two scales. The scales are positioned under the first row of hinges from each end of the garage door to obtain an accurate weight reading.

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