Why Have a Weekly House-Cleaning Chore List?


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Having a weekly house-cleaning chore list keeps track of what needs to be cleaned. Busy lives during the week often make it easy for house cleaning to be skipped.

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The inconvenience and amount of time required to clean a house all at one time make the cleaning a daunting task. Spreading chores out evenly throughout the week is a way to increase the likelihood that all the chores get done. Having a house-cleaning chore list makes it easy to stay on track and efficiently clean the house. Since most people do not have a house cleaner who comes to their home, having an efficient system set up for cleaning the house does not make it as cumbersome.

Families benefit from having chore lists. Having a chore list allows a family to split different tasks between people, so one person is not left doing all the cleaning. Parents teach their children important values by having them complete chores around the house. Children learn about organization and commitment whether they are assigned tasks or choose the chores to complete. Parents also teach children about working toward a goal if the parents implement an incentive program in which rewards are given based on the chores completed.

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