When Do You Weed, Feed and Seed Your Lawn?


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To weed, feed and seed a lawn, remove the old grass from the property, aerate the property and spread the grass seed. After the grass is established, apply a weed and feed product to the lawn throughout the growing season to prevent weeds and encourage a healthy lawn.

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Before planting new grass seed, remove the old grass with a sod cutter, aerate the lawn, till the soil with a rotary tiller, and mix fertilizer into the soil. If necessary, amend the soil with lime. After preparing the soil, toss the seeds onto the soil, and turn the soil gently with a rake to cover the seeds. Water the lawn regularly until the grass is well-established.

To prevent weeds and to feed the lawn, spread a product that contains fertilizer and herbicide when the grass is 3 to 5 inches tall, or at least 4 weeks after planting new grass seed. Apply herbicide and fertilizer during the growing season, and choose an herbicide designed to kill the specific weeds growing on the property. Do not apply herbicide before rain to maintain the effectiveness of the product, and do not water the lawn for several days after applying the weed and feed product. Reapply the product according to the instructions on the product packaging to maintain the lawn.

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