What Is a Wedgewood Oven?

What Is a Wedgewood Oven?

A Wedgewood oven is an antique appliance produced from 1919 through the 1950s. While they are no longer produced, antique Wedgewood stoves are still highly sought after for their design and reliability.

Production of the Wedgewood oven began in 1919 in California, making it one of the first manufacturers on the west coast. Early stove models were wood burning, but by the 1930s, 95 percent of manufactured stoves were gas-burning.

These beautiful vintage ovens offer many useful features still desired by cooks today. Wedgewood stoves offer dual ovens and griddles, in addition to multiple burners on the stovetop. Larger stoves were produced up to 60 inches wide and featured warming racks, broilers and large ovens. Some of these models provide a top shelf for cooling pies, cookies and bread, along with a clock and timer.

Smaller stoves, with a stovetop as small as 30 inches wide, provided the same high-quality stove for smaller homes and apartments. These stoves have 4 small burners on the stove top, but still feature the dual oven.

Wedgewood ovens come in a variety of colors, but white has always been the most popular option. Seafoam green, blue, yellow and red Wedgewood stoves can still be found from antique dealers and restoration specialists.