Which Websites Compare Kitchen Appliances?


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The websites for Best Buy, Lowe's and The Home Depot can all compare kitchen appliances. These sites allow the user to choose which appliances to compare from the main list.

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Best Buy can compare up to four items instantly. Each entry in the appliance search results page has a compare tick box underneath the picture to add the appliance to the comparison. The comparison page is a chart that is easy to read and divides facts, features and specifications into sections, and shoppers can add products to their cart straight from the comparison page.

Lowe's can also compare up to four items. The images and Add to Cart button stay floating at the top of the resulting chart, so that when users scroll through specifications, they can keep a visual representation of the product right beside of the information. Sections of the chart can also be minimized to shorten the length of the page and simplify the details.

Users can choose up to four appliances to compare on The Home Depot's site. The chart of details highlights differences, making them obvious at a glance. This highlight can be easily turned on or off, so users can read the chart however they prefer.

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