How Do You Weatherproof Windows and Doors?


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You can weatherproof windows and doors with some basic weatherstripping and window plastic. Draft stoppers can block any additional drafts.

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Before starting, it is important to prepare the area. Carefully clean all doors and windows before applying any weatherstripping or plastic. Make sure that any mildew is cleaned off of the seals and ledges. Vinegar can get rid of persistent dirt, mildew, and stains.

When the windows and doors are clean, apply weatherstripping to the edges between the doors and windows and their frames. This can be purchased at most hardware stores. Self-adhesive weatherstripping is best because it is easier to work with. Make sure to follow the instructions listed on the packaging carefully.

A lot of heat escapes through glass panes, so it is helpful to apply window plastic to windows. This functions as an additional layer to insulate the house and keep it warm. This comes in packages, so cut the plastic to fit the window. To apply the plastic, hold it to the window glass with double-sided tape and heat it up with a hair dryer. It should adhere to the glass.

Weatherstripping and plastic should stop most drafts, but draft stoppers can keep any additional cold air from seeping in from the bottom of the door.

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