Where Are Wear-Ever Pressure Fryers Sold?


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Wear-Ever pressure fryers, also known as the Wear-Ever Chicken Bucket, are only found at garage sales and online auction websites like eBay. These units are no longer sold in stores, and were banned from further production and sale as a consequence of lawsuits regarding the product.

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Pressure fryers use high heat and hot oil to cook dishes like fried chicken. The combination of these two factors quickly and thoroughly cooks without drying out the meat. Pressure fryers are typically designed to withstand the higher heat needed for frying with oil, which is much higher than the temperatures normal pressure cookers reach. The seal used on pressure fryers and pressure cookers is usually made out of plastic and cannot reliably withstand the high heat of frying applications without eventually melting.

The Wear-Ever brand of pressure fryers, marketed under the name Chicken Bucket, was banned from sale because, even during normal use, it was unsafe to use. The interaction of coated chicken with hot, high pressure oil created a situation where the oil could erupt out of the container when opened, potentially causing serious burns. Introducing any kind of water into the system also created dangerous splattering oil.

Larger, industrial-size pressure fryers are used by fried chicken franchises to safely produce the dish. These types of units, operated by trained restaurant workers, are much safer to use than small home units.

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