What Are Some Ways to Use a Vintage Wrought Iron Bench?

Vintage wrought iron benches can be used in gardens, on porches and, if refinished, even inside the home. Wrought iron benches stand up well to weather and rough treatment, but it is a wise idea to ensure they are sealed properly to prevent rust in the future if they are exposed to the elements outdoors.

Wrought iron benches, especially vintage ones, are nice for decorating. The wood slats on some styles can easily be replaced or refinished. Painting wooden slats or even the iron itself can give a chair a new look and a new life. Use brightly colored paint to bring life and a bit of playfulness to a garden area.

Refinishing a vintage wrought iron bench and adding a cushion to the bench help make it an ideal accent for a porch or outdoor sitting area. The iron gives a vintage look that stands up well to weather and is easy to maintain. Buy a waterproof pillow or use a waterproof spray on the pillow, if purchasing one, to seal it.