What Are Some Ways to Use a Shoebox for Storage?


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Shoeboxes are useful for creating drawer storage for socks or undergarments, and can also be subdivided into smaller compartments to hold craft or office supplies. Creative decorating can easily transform shoeboxes into gift boxes on holidays or special occasions, and depending on their size, they can hold a batch of cookies or other baked goods.

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The compact size of most shoeboxes is perfect for filing with paper goods and scrapbooking supplies, such as sticker sheets, bills or recipes. Spare wrapping paper or wallpaper offer quick ways to decorate the boxes and personalize them for different projects. Another option is to store and organize a large makeup collection or manicure supplies.

Shoeboxes also provide the ideal base for creating a homemade ribbon box or cord organizer. Both projects involve cutting small holes on the side of the box and fitting them with eyes. The spools stay inside the box while the ribbon ends feed through the eyes, making these supplies easier to dispense. Similarly, the cord organizer keeps the power strip and cables concealed while providing a neat charging station for multiple devices.

Alternative ideas for shoeboxes include allow children keep small toys or loose parts contained. They also provide convenient sizes for children to design mini-dollhouses or play scenes, such as a fire station, with the ability to store all the accessories inside.

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