What Are Ways to Use Gp66 Miracle Cleaner for Removing Grease?


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To use the GP66 Miracle Cleaner, spray the cleaner either in a diluted form or full strength on a grimy or greasy item and then rinse it with clean water. For items that are not too soiled, the cleaner/water diluted mix should contain 1/2 ounce of the cleaner and 1 gallon of water.

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Heavily soiled or greasy items and large areas can require a bit more effort to clean.

  1. Use the undiluted GP66 cleaner
  2. Clean heavy equipment, hydraulic machinery, showers, or large food preparing sections by spraying the item with concentrated GP66 cleaner. Use a garden sprayer tank to apply the cleaner from the bottom to the top of the item.

  3. Remove the cleaner
  4. Wait up to 20 minutes. Respray the item with cleaner if in this time period the cleaner dries. Rinse off the cleaner with cold water and a high-pressure washer at or above 500 lbs. per square inch force, suggests the GP66 Miracle Cleaner site.

The GP66 Miracle Cleaner can remove grease and grime stains from forklifts, farm equipment and hydraulic presses, conveyors, drain pipes, ovens and rugs.

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