What Are Some Ways to Use Clear Acrylic Display Boxes?


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Clear acrylic boxes can display trophies, awards and medals. Family heirlooms such as rings, necklaces and brooches can also be displayed in them. Old musical instruments that have sentimental value attached can be kept dust-free and well-preserved in such boxes. These boxes can even be used as cases for dolls, model cars, sports memorabilia, jewelry and make-up. Retailers can use them as food displays or even to display high-priced electronic goods.

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Clear acrylic display boxes serve as an economical and lightweight alternative to glass display cases, as they are more elastic and resistant to breakage. Medals can be enclosed in a box with a metal frame, whereas for a single item, such as a collectible doll or trophy, a display box with a wooden base is ideal. Shadow boxes work well to display antiques, collectibles and other prized possessions. These boxes are specifically designed to protect the enclosed objects from the damaging effects of light and dust and also to prevent them from being touched by onlookers. Retailers can use differently shaped units, those with shelves and either sliding or swing open doors with locks, to display and at the same time protect their food items or valuable electronic items.

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