What Are Some Ways to Troubleshoot a Bryand Humidifier?


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To troubleshoot a Bryand humidifier, begin by identifying the specific problem. Some of the common problems with humidifiers include the unit failing to work, the humidifier failing to work well, or the unit making noise.

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If a humidifier doesn't work, check to see if the unit is plugged into an outlet and is turned on. Use a voltage tester, or plug in another appliance to check if the outlet works. If the receptacle is the problem, check the fuse or circuit breaker for that particular circuit. Check that the humidistat settings on the unit are higher than the room’s relative humidity. Inspect the power cord, and check that the reservoir tank has sufficient water.

When a humidifier does not run constantly or does a poor job, refer to the unit’s specifications and ensure that they correspond to the size of the room. Close all the windows, doors and fireplace damper, and ensure that the reservoir has sufficient water. Keep the unit clear of curtains, walls and other obstructions, and clean it according to the owner’s manual.

If the humidifier makes noise, unplug the unit, unfasten and remove the cover, check for loose parts, and tighten the screws as necessary. Ensure that the fan is fastened on its shaft. Call a qualified appliance repair person if any of these problems persist.

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