What Are Some Ways to Troubleshoot an Advantium Oven?

What Are Some Ways to Troubleshoot an Advantium Oven?

To troubleshoot an Advantium oven, first identify the specific problem. Common problems with Advantium ovens include sensor errors, incorrect clock settings, blank displays, failed oven starts and smoke emanating from the oven.

Watch for smoke coming from the oven. If this happens when the door is open, it is most likely due to high fat content food being cooked, as it tends to smoke a lot. It may also be due to cooking sprays. Change the cooking time if the food is not completely cooked. The programmed time may not cater for large quantities of food, so adjusting the cooking time compensates for larger amounts.

Reset the sensor if the oven signals a sensor error. The sensor may have detected food that does not match the food it was programmed for. Press the Clear button to reset the sensor, and select the appropriate program. If the oven displays a steam sensor error, vent the food container. The error means the sensor did not detect steam when it was expected to. Use a looser lid, or vent plastic wrap to allow steam to escape.

Check the Options menu to adjust the clock settings. If the display is blank, it has been turned off, so turn it to ON. If the display indicates Control is Locked, press and hold the Clear button for five seconds to unlock the control. Ensure the oven door is completely locked. If the control panel display is lit up but the oven foes not start, press the Clear button after locking the door.

Check for sounds when using the oven to test normal functionality. The fan makes noise when cooking and keeps internal parts of the oven cool. Clicking sounds show that the control is switching things on and off in the oven.