What Are Some Ways to Treat Wood Fungus?


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Individuals can use boron, also known as disodium octaborate tetrahydrate, to eliminate wood fungi, says Borite Termite & Pest Treatments. Specific products include Bora-Care, which users can apply to wood as a diluted mix with an equal proportion of water, according to Professional Pest Control Products. First strip off any coated surfaces that cannot absorb water, and then apply Bore-Care either as a spray or paint.

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Bora-Care normally begins to kill fungi within a week after application, notes Professional Pest Control Products. The treatment can create a rotten odor as a result of fungal decomposition, which usually disappears within several days. Individuals can also use Bora-Care as a preventive solution. Alternatives include Jecta Diffusible Boracide, which provides up to 10 years of protection from decay fungi as well as insects, such as subterranean termites, powderpost beetles and carpenter ants, when injected into wood.

Prevent fungal growth by eliminating conducive conditions, which include sufficient oxygen, temperature between 40 and 100 degrees, the presence of wood as a food source, and moisture, explains Borite Termite & Pest Treatments. Because the latter is the easiest to control, ensure wood infrastructure is free from water sources, such as plumbing leaks or lawn sprinklers. Some fungi, such as poria incrassata, or dry rot, can also transport moisture as much as several feet through root-like rhizomorphs, notes Professional Pest Control Products.

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