What Are Some Ways to Support Grape Vines?


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Grape vines grow on trellis wire systems on or off wooden posts. Three types of trellis wire systems are high cordon, umbrella kniffin and vertical shoot position systems.

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Trellis wire systems determine the direction the grape vines grow. Posts and wires are evenly spaced to provide light to all areas of the vine, and wires are kept tight to ensure room for all areas to grow. The high cordin system is one wire between two posts that allows vines to be stretched horizontally and grow downward. The umbrella kniffin system is two wires between posts that allows vine trunks to grow outwards over the wires in an umbrella shape. The vertical shoot position system is four to six wires that allow smaller vine varieties to grow, starting at the bottom wire and growing upwards until reaching the top wires.

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