What Are Some Ways to Sharpen a Knife Using a Sharpening Stone?


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Sharpening a knife using an object known as a whetstone is most commonly completed by grinding the knife against the gritty surface of the stone. Hold the knife in a way so that the cutting edge is only making contact with the stone; holding it at about 20 degrees is suggested. One should repeat this process approximately 10 times for each side of the knife, and then use the other side of the whetstone to repeat the process.

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What Are Some Ways to Sharpen a Knife Using a Sharpening Stone?
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  1. Set the whetstone

    Set the whetstone on a stable surface such as a countertop, with the more coarse side facing up. The opposite side is used later in the sharpening process.

  2. Slide the blade across the stone

    Hold the cutting edge of the knife at a 20-degree angle against the stone. Push the knife against the whetstone with moderate pressure, and slide the blade forward. Do this approximately 10 times before flipping the stone.

  3. Flip the stone

    Flip the stone to reveal the finer side. As was done before, push the knife against the stone, and slide it to the end. Repeat this process for each side of the knife until it is sharpened to your satisfaction. Wash the knife before use.

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