What Are Some Ways to Get Security Yard Signs?


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Security yard signs are available for purchase at general product retailers such as Amazon.com, at home security companies such as Signs of Security and home improvement stores such as Home Depot. The method of purchase depends on the type of sign desired. Many security yard signs feature a bold warning message designed to ward off potential intruders.

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Ordering a security yard sign requires choosing a sign design to place outside of a residence. Security signs come in various shapes, sizes and colors. Most signs are secured to a stake that is stuck in the ground. Some retailers include security window decals when customers order a yard sign. The ideal placement for yard security signs is 10 feet from the road, and 12 to 18 inches above ground.

If there is no local government ordinance regulating yard sign placement, signs should sit as near to the road as possible. The sign should sit where it's highly visible to oncoming traffic. An additional yard security sign can sit near an entrance or elsewhere on the property. Security signs are designed to resemble signage used by home security companies. A sign that displays the name of a fake security company is an inexpensive minimal home security option.

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