What Are Some Ways to Get Sandbags Locally?


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Sandbags can be purchased at local hardware stores such as Ace or retailers such as Wal-Mart. During severe weather emergencies, some communities distribute free sandbags at places such as the local public works department or fire departments. Some cities distribute free sandbags to several locations, including fire stations, playgrounds and solid waste facilities.

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Sandbags are made of sturdy woven plastic material or burlap. Sandbags sold at stores are either empty or prefilled with material that expands when activated with water. Sandbags come in different sizes, and they are designed to act as a flood barrier. During periods of heavy rain, cities often direct citizens to locations where they can obtain free sandbags, and there is usually a sandbag filling station. While sand is commonly used to fill sandbags, they can be filled with any local soil.

A strong and durable sandbag is filled with 10 parts sand or dirt and one part cement material. Standard practice for filling sandbags is to fill the bags halfway and then fold their tops over to secure the material inside of the bag. Sandbags are commonly stacked in rows to form a unified barrier against oncoming water. Folded tops should face upstream or uphill, and stacked bags should form a pyramid.

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