What Are Some Ways to Get Rid of the Smell of Smoke?


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To remove the smell of smoke from inside a home, open the windows to air it out. Smoke odor sticks to walls, floors and window treatments, clean all surfaces thoroughly.

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Start by getting fresh air flowing throughout the home. If possible, open all windows and doors in the home. After letting the home air out, set out bowls of white vinegar in each room. An air purifier is another way to clean the air and start reducing the smell of cigarette smoke.

Pull down all window treatments and either dispose of them or clean them. Wood and vinyl blinds should be able to wash. Use the strongest cleaning agent possible that is safe for window blinds. For curtains, consider whether they are worth saving. Smoke sticks to fabrics and can be hard to clean. Try washing them with a strong-smelling detergent to attempt to save them.

Wipe down all walls and ceilings next. Cleaning products with glycol and ammonia work well for these surfaces since they are strong enough to remove the smell of smoke. Make sure no pets or children are in the area when using these cleaning products. After washing the walls and ceilings, clean all windows, doors and floors. Carpets that are heavily soaked in smoke odor might require professionally cleaning or replacement.

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