What Are Some Ways to Get Rid of Raccoons?

What Are Some Ways to Get Rid of Raccoons?

One way of getting rid of raccoons is capturing them in live traps and releasing them at least three miles from the area; however, capture and release may not be legal in all areas. Property owners should check with local wildlife authorities to see if this is a viable option. Other methods focus on eliminating food sources that attract the animals or installing barriers to keep them out of the area.

Using a live trap involves placing it in the area where the raccoons are active and baiting it with corn or fish-flavored cat food. Raccoons are strong and crafty, and they often escape from traps. They can also bite, so moving the trap requires caution.

Pet owners who leave more food than their pets are able to consume in one session are likely to attract raccoons. Reducing the amount of food and feeding the pet twice daily can reduce the chances of developing a problem.

Human garbage contains many tasty treats for raccoons. Purchasing raccoon-resistant locking garbage cans can help to keep the animals out of the garbage. Moving those cans inside the garage provides additional protection.

If raccoons are moving into the chimney, adding a spark arrestor chimney cap is often helpful. The chimney cap provides a physical barrier to prevent the animals from taking up residence in the space.