What Are Some Ways to Get Rid of Pigeons?


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Preventative devices, poisons and repellents offer some ways to get rid of pigeons. Preventative devices include pigeon spikes, nylon netting and fencing, and repellents include plastic owls and electronic bird repellers. For long-term pigeon control, set up a feeder with pigeon feed that is specifically formulated to prevent reproduction. Trapping is also an option to control pigeon populations.

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To effectively eliminate the birds, remove food sources such as bird feeders and bird baths, and install the preventative devices on surfaces where the pigeons nest. If pigeons are roosting on ledges, install metal flashing at a 45-degree angle to prevent the birds from landing on the ledges. Cover eaves and other roosting areas with nylon netting.

Alternatively, place bird spikes on ledges and roosting areas to prevent the birds from landing on the surface. To deter the birds from lawns or other large areas, cover the lawn with nylon netting. When using birth control to reduce pigeon populations, follow the instructions on the product packaging carefully.

Apply poisons to the affected area to control pigeon infestations only if these products are allowed in your region of residence, and use the poison according to the instructions on the product packaging. When trapping pigeons, allow two pigeons to remain in the trap to lure other birds, and move the traps frequently to prevent trap shyness.

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