What Are Some Ways to Get Rid of Old Books?


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To get rid of old books, sell them online or to a used book store. Many charities take book donations. Or, if there are just a few old books, give them to friends and family. They can also be made into crafts.

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Sell old books on websites like Amazon.com, Half.com and AbeBooks.com. Selling them individually on the Web may make more of a profit than selling them in bulk. Many local used bookstores pay cash for used books, trade for new ones, or will sell them on consignment. Call the store to find out what its policy is.

Donating books to charity is easy. Thrift stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army accept and resell books. Schools, churches, hospitals, community centers and shelters sometimes need books. Libraries often hold book sales to raise money and will take donations. Check local news sources, or call nearby organizations to find out if they need books.

Consider which family member or friend might want the old books, and give them away. Family members who are ill, housebound or in a nursing home may especially appreciate different books to read. Old books that are in bad condition are good for crafts. Use them to make collages or scrapbook pages.

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