What Are Some Ways to Get Rid of Large Roaches?


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To get rid of large roaches, use different types of bait to trap them and dispose of them and stop providing them with sustenance. Make sure to also get rid of all entrances into the home by sealing holes, cracks and gaps.

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To encourage the roaches to leave on their own, stop feeding them. In many cases, this is unintentional. Roaches will consume any type of food and water they find, including water from a dog food bowl or crumbs that fell off the counter and onto the kitchen floor. Start keeping the kitchen and other areas of the home spotless. Make sure there isn’t any standing water in sinks or bathtubs. After a week without water, roaches die. Make sure the kitchen is clean, including countertops, appliances, sinks and floors. Look at the corners and edges of countertops where crumbs might be hiding. Clean out the insides of cabinets and drawers as well. Wash dishes immediately after having a meal.

Set out traps to capture large roaches in the home and dispose of them. Some good traps include a roach glue strip, gel bait and roach hotels. With the glue strips and gel bait, the roaches step on the trap and are stuck there, unable to get free on their own. Roach hotels are similar to bait stations. The roach steps into poison in the roach hotel, then brings it back to its home, killing all other roaches.

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