What Are Some Ways to Get Rid of Chipmunks in the Garden?

Some ways to get rid of chipmunks in the garden include using repelling odors, frightening noises or traps. As chipmunks use scent to help detect predators, placing an object in your garden that simulates the odor of a predator can deter chipmunks from entering your property. Similarly, an effigy of a predator can scare away chipmunks through the use of noise or movement. Traps are also an effective method to remove chipmunks from the immediate area.

Chipmunks breed in spring and summer, with each female chipmunk bearing up to five young during the season. It is advisable to use pest control methods as early as possible to avoid the exponential growth of the chipmunk population in breeding season.

Like mice and rats, chipmunks are drawn to safe places with an abundance of food. If possible, they enter the house and make their home there by crawling through cracks in walls or doorways. Ensuring your house is secure is a good way to keep chipmunks from moving into your attic or walls. Cats are also recognized as a predator by chipmunks, so if you have a pet cat, allowing it into the garden from time to time may help keep chipmunks at bay.