What Are Some Ways to Replace a Gazebo Canopy?


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A gazebo canopy can be replaced in a variety of ways, including with a painted canvas, dyed canvas, vinyl-coated covers, vinyl-laminated polyester covers and acrylic covers. Gazebo owners also commonly build wooden roofs with shingles.

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Many types of replacement covers are available at home improvement retailers, including The Home Depot, Sears and Amazon.com. Painted canvas gives a luxurious linen texture look and lasts up to eight years. Dyed canvas is saturated with color and does not last as long. Vinyl-coated covers have a smooth appearance with some translucence and last up to seven years.

Vinyl-laminated polyester has the material sandwiched between protective layers and allows contrasting colors and designs for each side. Excessive folding during storage can reduce the lifespan of the cover. Acrylic covers last up to 10 years, and the composition makes cleaning off mold and mildew much easier.

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