What Are Some Ways to Remove Tomato Stains From Fabric?

What Are Some Ways to Remove Tomato Stains From Fabric?

To remove tomato stains from fabric, use stain sticks, wash the fabric under cold water, rub detergent over the affected area or use mild bleaching agents. Methods for successful removal of tomato stains depend largely on the type of fabric involved. Some fabrics can be washed, which makes treating them with cold water ideal, while fabrics that cannot be washed are treated using alternative methods.

Regardless of whether or not fabrics are washable, start the process by removing as much of the remaining tomato from the fabric's surface as possible. This helps control the size of the stain and prevents further damage.

For washable fabrics, immediately run the stain spot under cold running water; however, take care to wash the stain from the back side, as washing from the front pushes the stain further into the clothes.

Next, rub laundry detergent into the fabric, in a circular motion, or apply a stain stick remover. These agents should sit for at least 5 minutes before washing to help break up the stain and make removal easier.

For whites and delicate clothes, applying a bleaching agent with a sponge, such as lemon juice, white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, helps remove tomato stains. Repeat the process as often as needed to fully remove the stain, but take care to ensure the stain is gone before drying, as drying makes the stain permanent.