What Are Some Ways to Remove Tints From Windows?


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Individuals can remove Tint from windows by heating, soaking and using duct tape. The application of ammonia is another way to remove tint from windows.

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What Are Some Ways to Remove Tints From Windows?
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To use heat, an individual connects a steamer or hair dryer to a power source in order to direct the equipment onto one of the tinted corners of the window so that it is 2 inches from the tint. Heating the tinted area for a moment causes it loosen, allowing the individual to pull the tint from the corner of the window slowly while steaming until all the tint comes off. After steaming and wiping away the glue residue, cleaning the window with glass cleaner completes this process.

The soaking method involves first cutting and pulling off the tint before repeating the process until the window is clear of the tint. Once all the tint is off, the individual saturates the glue residue on the window with soapy water. Once it loosens, a razor blade easily scrapes away the residue. To complete the process, glass cleaner clears away any other debris.

The use of a duct tape is applicable if some layers of the tint remain after tint removal. It involves taping the tint in strips so that the strips lie across the window, leaving a 1-inch overlap between them. The individual should leave the window exposed to sunlight before pulling the tape off the window. Scrubbing off the glue residue completes the process.

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