What Are Some Ways to Remove Junk?

What Are Some Ways to Remove Junk?

Some ways to remove junk from the home include having a yard sale, selling the items online or taking it to a local landfill. It is also possible to call a junk removal specialist company or to schedule a donation pickup with a local charity.

Yard sales are a common method of junk removal because they require minimal transportation and result in potential earnings by selling the items. Before holding a sale, sort through the items to identify anything broken or soiled, and throw them away, as many buyers refuse to shop at sales with obviously damaged goods. Also sort the junk into piles to help organize sale sections, such as clothing according to gender, electronics, sporting equipment and games.

It is also possible to sell the items online through an auction site or classifieds site, which allows users to increase the sale price and access a wider range of potential buyers. Most auction sites require users to pay for shipping and sale fees, whereas classifieds sites deal with local buyers.

Companies such as 1-800-Got-Junk? allow customers to schedule a team to visit a home and remove designated junk and other items, either for recycling and repurposing, or for direct disposal.

Sites such as DonationTown.org allow users to find local charities that offer donation pickup services, many of which also remove the items directly from a home for free.