What Are Some Ways to Remove a Glued on Label?

Some ways to remove a glued on label are using dishwashing liquid and water, vinegar, baby oil, vegetable oil and heat. Allow the object with the label to come in contact with these products for a few minutes, and then rub, peel or scrape the label off the object.

If using dishwashing liquid to remove a glued on label, fill a bowl or a basin with lukewarm water, and add several drops of the liquid into it. Mix the liquid thoroughly, and soak the object with the label in the solution for around 15 minutes. Using a sponge or a mesh pad made of plastic, scrape the label off. Clean the object with fresh water, and let it to dry.

When using white vinegar, soak a clean cloth in it, place the vinegar-soaked cloth over the label, and leave it so for about 15 minutes. The label should easily peel off. If this does not happen, scrape the label using a butter knife.

If you use baby or vegetable oil, work the oil on the label so that it renders the adhesive soft. Then, using a wet rag or sponge, rub on the label to remove it.

To apply heat on the label, use a hair dryer. To spread the heat uniformly, move the dryer over the entire label. This should soften the adhesive, and make it easy to peel off the label.