What Are Some Ways to Remove a Gas Meter?


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The only safe way to remove a gas meter is to contact the local gas utility and arrange for it to remove the meter from the property. An individual should never, under any circumstances, attempt to remove the gas meter himself. Not only is removing a gas meter extremely dangerous, it may also be illegal depending on the laws in the area.

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What Are Some Ways to Remove a Gas Meter?
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After contacting the local gas utility, the utility makes an appointment to come to the property and inspect the meter. After inspecting the meter, the utility gives the owner a price quote for removing the meter. Removing a gas meter is typically a very expensive job, and as of 2016, some gas utilities charge over $1000 for removing a meter.

Because of the high cost of having a gas meter removed, some people may think removing the gas meter themselves is a better option. However, this is incredibly unwise for a number of reasons. Natural gas is not only highly flammable, it can cause asphyxiation and death when inhaled. Even if the gas has been turned off to the home, the utility company still has to make sure that all possible means though which gas could enter the property are sealed. Secondly, in most cases, the gas meter is not owned by the homeowner, but is actually the gas utility's property. Therefore, removing a gas meter without the utility's permission could result in fines or legal action.

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