What Are Some Ways to Receive Training on Installing Solar Panels?


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Some ways to receive training to install solar panels include online courses, traditional college courses and on-site courses that give hands-on training from start to finish. Most of these courses offer nationwide access, but some are local.

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Online courses for the installation of solar panels include SolarPeople.com, EverBlueTraining.com and Solairgen.com. SolarPeople.com offers free online courses, and hands-on courses are available for those who want to try their hand at installation. This hands-on training occurs at any location, as the trainer comes to the student. EverBlueTraining.com offers online courses, too, and in this case, there are different levels including courses for beginners and masters. Solairgen.com has several online courses and hands-on training available.

For those looking for classroom instruction, there are choices such as Kaplan, which is a nationwide university program, and Solar Energy International, which operates in Colorado. The course from Kaplan has no time limit or set pace, so students can train when it is convenient. Solar Energy International is another option for those looking for training, and there are a number of courses available, some of which are online. Students can attend courses on-site and have the opportunity to earn several certificates, including a solar energy trainer certificate and one that covers the sale of solar systems.

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