What Are Some Ways to Procure Cheap Packing Boxes?


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Procure cheap or free packing boxes by checking Internet sites such as Craigslist, where individuals and companies often offer large numbers of packing boxes for little or no charge. Many businesses also throw their boxes away after receiving shipments, and many business owners do not mind if you take their extra boxes. Discount retailers and home supply stores also carry large packing boxes at reasonable prices.

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Check different types of retailers for different types of boxes. Computer and appliance stores, for instance, often receive shipments in very large boxes that are useful for packing and moving. Liquor stores and book stores typically receive very heavy-duty boxes due to the nature of their products. These types of boxes are very useful for moving CDs, DVDs, vinyl records, books and other small, heavy items.

While many business owners let people take away boxes once their contents are removed, always ask the owner or manager's permission before taking the boxes. Taking boxes from a business without asking permission could result in charges of trespassing if the dumpster is on company property.

Some moving companies have resources that list locations of free or inexpensive boxes in an area. This option is much more economical than buying boxes from the moving company itself, which typically charges a significant markup.

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