What Are Some Ways to Prevent Woodpecker Damage?

What Are Some Ways to Prevent Woodpecker Damage?

Ways to prevent woodpecker damage include using visual and audio deterrents, movements and decoy birds. Denying the birds access to the areas they most frequent also helps get rid of them.

Reflective items over the pecking area scares away woodpeckers; they don't like shiny objects. To be effective, the reflective items should swing around freely.

Decoy predators, such as plastic hawks and owls, frighten off woodpeckers. Additionally, colorful windsocks or flags hanging, making random movements and fluttering noises where the birds peck may deter them.

Loud noises and the regular broadcast from an electronic speaker system of a recorded woodpecker’s distress call followed by the call of a predator may also frighten woodpeckers away.

Denying the birds access to their favorite spot by filling in holes they've already created, and protecting the area by blocking it off further deters the birds. Getting rid of insects as a food source for the birds will also encourage the birds to leave in search of other food sources.