What Are Some Ways to Plan a Garden Layout?


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Some ways to plan a garden layout include using a square-foot layout for beds, planning a keyhole or crevice garden, and laying out a border garden. Garden layouts need to work with the size and shape of the planting area.

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For instance, if your planting area has existing beds, or you’re planning to build raised beds, trying planning a garden that’s blocked out in square feet. This layout is good for organizing and planting herbs and vegetables, and it also makes for colorful flower gardens.

If your planting area is limited by paving, try laying out a keyhole or crevice garden. Keyhole gardens are usually bounded by a ring of bricks, pavers or fencing with the tallest plants in the center and others around the edges of the ring. To have easy access to the plants in the center, build a “keyhole” into the bottom of the ring that projects into the garden. Rather than removing an old patio, take advantage of missing pavers in as well as niches in fences and walls with a crevice garden, good for herbs, vegetables and flowers alike.

If you have room for planting only at the edges of a yard, a border garden lets you take advantage of plant heights for a varied layout. Whether you’re growing vegetables or flowers, bed the tallest plants at the back with mid-sized ones at their feet and the shortest plants at the front edge.

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