What Are Some Ways to Organize a Garage?


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A few ways to organize a garage are to use wall shelving units, cabinet systems, peg racks and overhead racks to maximize space. However, before organizing things, it is important to move all items out of the garage and make piles of things to throw out, donate, sell or keep, as noted by This Old House. This can reduce a lot of the clutter stored in a garage.

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To begin organizing a garage, place all the items in the keep pile into other piles by categories, such as sports equipment, gardening and lawn items and tools. For large gardening tools, such as a rakes, shovels and brooms, use a peg or wall rack to hang them. A tower rack is also another way to store these large items in one place. Similarly, in a garage with high ceilings, overhead racks are useful for storage of ladders and lumber, as noted by Popular Mechanics.

It is a good idea to get a cabinet system to store drills, hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches and any other tools to keep them neatly organized and accessible for use. If there are children, then a locking cabinet is useful to store dangerous products, including insecticides or cleaning supplies. Use old plastic containers to keep small items, such as bolts, nails and screws, securely.

Using shelving units can help to keep boxes and other containers off the garage floor. When storing heavy items, shelving should be strong enough to hold their weight. Another tip for organizing a garage is to place items that are rarely used at the back of the garage and regularly used ones in the front by the door.

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