What Are Some Ways to Find Old Barn Wood?


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It is possible to get old barn wood and reclaimed lumber from owners of old barns and other buildings and from remodeling contractors. Another way is to place an advertisement in a local newspaper stating that you are willing to buy old barn wood.

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A lot of people who own old barns or other buildings might want to remove them to build something new. However, not everyone has the time to remove the structures. Ask around if anyone you know is in a situation like this. Tearing down a building might take a while, but you obtain the materials you need as a result. Make sure to clear out the details with the owner of the building beforehand, such as what materials you can take and how clean the location has to be once you are finished.

Remodeling contractors might agree to give you old barn wood from the houses they are working on if you pick it up yourself, as they can save money on disposal costs. This way, you can get barn wood almost for free and without having to tear it off yourself. Before making an arrangement, make sure to tell the contractor you only need wood, not other materials from the house.

You can post advertisements on websites such as Craigslist in addition to local newspapers. Compose an advertisement saying that you are willing to remove a barn in exchange for the wood. When you see the barn, keep in mind that much of the wood may be warped or bowed.

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