What Are Some Ways to Move a House?


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Mobile homes such as double-wide trailers are designed to move; the poles needed to keep the house erect during transportation are already installed, so the house can be loaded directly onto the moving truck. To move any other type of house, first the utilities must be disconnected, and a 10-foot-wide trench must be dug around the house. This trench is deep enough to reach the bottom of the foundation, where openings are carved in the walls.

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The openings carved into the foundation's walls are filled with steel beams that support the weight of the house. Wooden posts are interlocked to form cribs that help to support the house on the inside and outside. A unified hydraulic jacking system is then used to raise the house, keeping it level while doing so. Beams are slid underneath the house, which is then pulled onto a set of dollies with rubber tires. The dollies are attached to a truck, which moves the house to its new location.

During travel, a crew rides next to the truck. They must move objects out of the way of the house being moved, including lifting power lines and mailboxes and then replacing them after the house has safely passed. Once it has arrived at its destination, the home is placed on a new foundation, and the utilities are reinstalled.

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