What Are Some Ways to Manage Damage Caused by Woodpeckers to Wood Siding?


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Exclusion methods such as netting and metal barriers, visual or auditory frightening devices and repellents are some ways to prevent woodpecker damage. Covering wood and using reflections or movement are also ways to prevent damage.

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Netting is one of the most effective methods of preventing woodpeckers from damaging wood. Place mesh about 3 inches between the wood and the net to prevent the woodpeckers from accessing the wood. Apply barriers immediately prior to or during the damage. Metal or plastic sheathing are types of barriers.

Loud noises, such as bird call alarms, and applying reflective objects to the wood are methods of scaring woodpeckers away. Tactile repellents such as Tanglefoot discourages the birds due to the sticky, tacky footing it causes.

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