What Are Ways to Make a Baby Blanket Out of Fleece?


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To make a baby blanket out of fleece, cut two identical squares of contrasting fleece. Use scissors to cut each edge into a 3-inch fringe. Tie each pair of strips into knots to secure the fleece squares together.

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  1. Choose and cut fleece fabric

    Buy two fleece fabrics, one in a solid color and the other in a coordinating pattern. Cut the fleece to a size that is slightly larger than your desired blanket size. For a baby, a 3-foot square blanket typically offers ample coverage.

  2. Trim the edges of the fleece

    Lay your fleece squares on top of each other on your work area with the right sides facing out. Trim the edges to make sure that each piece is the same size.

  3. Cut the blanket fringe

    On each corner of the blanket, cut out a 3-inch square. Use fabric chalk or a fabric marker and a yardstick to draw a straight line along each flap, 3 inches from the outside edge. On each flap, cut a fringe of 1-inch strips through both layers of fleece, stopping at your marked line. Be careful not to let the pieces of fleece slip apart during this process.

  4. Tie the blanket edges

    Starting with a fringe strip on one corner of the blanket, carefully separate the top and bottom layers. Tie them together with a double knot, making sure that you don't disturb the position of the large fleece layers. Repeat the process all the way around the edges of the fleece to complete the blanket.

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