What Are Some Ways to Light up a Landscape?


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Ways to light up a landscape include installing path lights, illuminating a tree or landscape feature, highlighting architecture details and adding functional lighting for safety. Options include both solar lights and hardwired lights that tap into the home's electrical system.

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Decorative landscape lighting adds to the curb appeal of the home at night. It highlights particular features of the home, such as a planting bed, tree or the eaves of the home. Functional landscape lighting increases the safety of the home. Lighting entryways to deter burglars or lighting stairs and pathways to avoid tripping are examples.

The types of landscape lights have varying visual effects on the home's exterior. Garden lights that cast light downward work well for illuminating walkways and planting beds. Wash lights offer a wide, soft, diffused light to illuminate walls, fences or other large areas. Bullet lights project a concentrated beam from the ground up to a specific area, such as a tree trunk, feature on the house or landscape focal point. Downlights illuminate from above, such as the top of a tree toward the ground, while floodlights case a wide, bright light from the ground up.

Looking at the home's exterior at night can help determine the best ways to light the landscape. Identifying dark areas and assessing specific lighting needs helps choose the type and location of lighting.

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