What Are Some Ways of Kudzu Bug Control?


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There are three options for controlling kudzu bugs. The bugs can be physically removed and drowned in hot, soapy water, an insecticide labeled for nuisance insect control can be sprayed on the exterior walls of the area needing to be cleared, or a product containing pyrethroid can be sprayed directly on the kudzu bugs.

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It is necessary to reapply insecticide on exterior walls several times a season. To reduce the amount of reapplication, a long-lasting formula such as micro-encapsulated or wettable powder products should be used.

To keep kudzu bugs from entering a house, the entire exterior of the house should be sealed. Screens need to be placed over any spot where the bugs may enter, such as vents. Window screens should be carefully checked for holes. Steel wool should be stuffed inside any holes that cannot be screened. Doors should be tightly sealed and door sweeps installed on the bottom of doors.

Kudzu bugs that are found inside a home should not be crushed. Kudzu bugs emit an unpleasant odor and leave a stain behind when crushed. Instead, vacuum them up, making sure the vacuum used does not filter directly through the motor. Kudzu bugs are difficult to control because of their overwhelming numbers, and re-infestation from other sources can easily occur.

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